Welcome to the F.Kreem – Design site!

Here you will find some of the most recent work that I have done when it comes to web design, graphic design and other things related.

Scroll down to find out more and do not hesitate to contact me.

// Fredrik Kreem


Our favorite bands and the whole underground music scene need our support!

Our favorite bands and the whole underground music scene need our support bacause of the situation with the Corona virus (Covid-19) that are spreading all over the world. There are many postponed or even worse, canceled shows, tours, festivals because of the Corona virus at the moment. Bands are forced to cancel their upcoming performances …

Blood of Serpents, CD & LP layout

I have done the layout and design for the black metal band Blood of Serpents CD released in 2018 and the coming Vinyl/LP release. The full-length album “Sulphur Sovereign“, released on CD and Digital September 25th, 2018 through the Dutch label Non Serviam Records will finally be released on strictly limited vinyl pressing during the late winter/spring 2019. …


The site was started in the spring of 2017 but I have been working with mostly bands in the more or less extrme metal music business since 1995.

I run this site and projects related to it as a hobby at the moment.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you want to hire me for a web and/or graphic projects related to what I show here at this website (music & metal).

Work done in the past…
In the past I did official web and graphic designs for customers like: In Flames, Trivium, HammerFall, Meshuggah, Morgana Lefay, Caliban, Naglfar, Heaven Shall Burn, Steel Attack, The Storyteller, Deadlock, Engel, Regain Records, War Music, Roasting House, Meta 4 Music, Festivalbussen and many more.

What I can do…
What I can offer at the moment  is web design and graphic design and if needed installations of WordPress on your server, photography and more.

I work full time professionally with design (web and print), layout, graphics, photography and more. If needed I have plenty of professional printed material like posters, advertisements image catalogues and proudct catalogues that I have done during the past ten years to show.

I do also have plenty of product photographys that I have done in my own photo studio/booth.

I work with all the Adode CC softwares like Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and much more every day at work. I can do advanced designs and layouts for print from my home office if needed.

A bit more personal…
On a personal level in short wordings I can say that I´m Swedish, live in Norrköping in Sweden.

When I don´t work on my full time job, or working on web and graphic related projects from home I like to listen to black metal  on vinyl (have a big collection, started in the spring of 2016, growing fast).

I also really love to be outside in the nature and the forest and to travel. I enjoy good food, red and white wine, beer and black coffee.